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The EC Bar Ranch is located on the Coronado Trail Scenic Byway in the White Mountains of eastern Arizona. The Ranch is a working cattle ranch that includes 3 miles of Nutrioso Creek, a perennial stream restored to proper functioning condition, miles of elk proof fencing, and millions of gallons in water rights that supports a livestock operation while helping to preserve and protect a wide range of aquatic/wildlife habitat, including federally listed endangered species (Little Colorado spinedace, Southwestern willow flycatcher, New Mexico meadow jumping mouse) and Sensitive: State Wildlife Action Plan Tier 1 species (Bluehead sucker and Speckled dace). See a video describing conservation improvements on the Ranch.

In 2009, the EC Bar Ranch Conservation Easement was donated to the New Mexico Land Conservancy to ensure the preservation of natural habitat, scenic open spaces, and agricultural values, all of which provide lasting public benefits on the easement property that includes Nutrioso Creek riparian corridor. The Conservancy will monitor and enforce easement provisions in perpetuity. The adjoining EC Bar Ranch Estates subdivision is divided into lots with CCR provisions that compliment the conservation easement. Lot owners may join the Friends of Nutrioso Creek to help maintain the easement property, which connects with the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest downstream.

It is envisioned that through a collaborative partnership between those associated with an ongoing working ranch, a conservation easement, and subdivision, the protection and preservation of open spaces, wildlife habitat, and a rural lifestyle will be assured for many generations to come.

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