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Nutrioso, Arizona

Parcel 1A: Cabin on 1.87 acres Parcel 2: House & well on 1.23 acres Parcel 1B: Barn on 3.88 acres 5.00 acres with building sold 1/3/19






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In 1996, Jim Crosswhite acquired the EC Bar Ranch and began restoration of Nutrioso Creek by planting vegetation to restore stream function and habitat, installing stream structures to reduce erosion, and fencing to exclude livestock and wild ungulates that had historically overgrazed riparian and upland pastures. 
In 2009, 3 miles of Nutrioso Creek on the EC Bar Ranch was delisted as a non-attaining water body by the US Environmental Protection Agency, making it the first instance in Arizona where a water body met water quality standards for aquatic/wildlife habitat due to mitigation. In the same year, Crosswhite created the EC Bar Ranch Conservation Easement to protect riparian wildlife habitat from development. Today, the 
Arizona Game and Fish Department and US Fish and Wildlife Service have partnered to protect endangered species habitat and stream flows in perpetuity.   

Overlooking Nutrioso Creek and State Land on three sides, the EC Bar Ranch homestead and barn on 6.98 acres has been split into three parcels, which may be sold in combination or  separately:   Parcel 1A on 1.87 acres, includes a remodeled 1,000 sq foot cabin; Parcel 2 on 1.23 acres, includes a remodeled 2,400 sq foot 2-story house and new water well; and Parcel 1B on 3.88 acres, includes a 4,100 sq foot restored barn and steel corrals.  Combining the house and barn on 5.11 acres is an excellent move-in ready horse property.  State Land guarantees open spaces with great Valley and mountain views in perpetuity with year round access to Highway 180 via County Road 2112.  Each parcel has electric, water, septic, and high speed Internet.  On January 3, 2019, the sale of a nearby 5.00-acre parcel with 1,200 sq foot building provides comparable pricing. 

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